Femnista: Faith & Villainy (May / June 2014)



Faith has in some way shaped millions of lives over the centuries. It inspired some, like Ghandi or Christ, to lead movements that changed the world. Others used it for personal power -- like Rodrigo Borgia.


This issue of Femnista explores those who used their faith for good... and those whose actions reveal that their faith was nothing more than the means to an end.


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Our next issue revolves around the Georgian Period. We still have open spots if you care to contribute! Read our list of claimed topics.




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Writing a historical drama is a tricky thing. On the one hand, you must assume that most of your casual audience is ignorant of the facts, but on the other hand... your largest potential base is built up of history buffs who will know darn well if you meddle... review of Turn.


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I've finished my speculative fiction novel that touches on Jack the Ripper, and turned it over to my proof-reader! The image to your left is a glimpse of the cover art.


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To honor God in all that I do. To critique movies as objectively as possible, trying to be considerate of the moral views and spiritual concerns of others. To encourage my writers to reach their full potential. To inspire others to see the depth in popular entertainment. To never take anything at face value and strive to help other indie writers succeed.