16 Kinds of Crazy

The Usurper's Throne

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"I don't understand you!"


How many times have you heard that? Or felt that way?


Clear up the cobwebs of confusion with this in-depth look at the sixteen distinct personalities. Learn the crazy and fascinating ways you differ from those around you… and how to better understand not only yourself, but them!


Why does this person grieve alone and that one wants support? How come some people learn things instantly, but others can’t grasp how to do something “basic”? Why do some people see the forest and not the trees, or the branches and not the forest?


Glimpse inside each type’s head through profiles written based on over a decade of research, interaction with those types, and personal stories. Now, you don’t need to call your cousin “crazy.” You’ll understand what motivates them. If you want to, that is.



The incident seared into my brain. I can’t forget it, despite wishing I could. A friend invited me to her house for lunch. After the first bite, her dad said, “Yum! This is so delicious!” followed by all their kids saying, “It’s amazing, Mom! So good!”


I looked around the table, but said nothing. Not because it wasn’t good but my crazy brain thought, “If I say it’s good with the rest of them, she’ll think I said it just to be polite.”

I almost got away with it.


The dad looked at me, having noticed my silence. He wasn’t about to ignore it. “Charity, aren’t you enjoying your food?”

Cue everyone looking at me. My face switched into fire engine mode. I swallowed a mouthful of spaghetti. “Yes. It’s delicious.” I tried to smile as I said it, but knew it was coming out flat. I didn’t like being made to say it, but didn’t want to hurt her feelings. It was nothing against the family or the food, but I wanted to tell her face to face later, so she would know I meant it. So it would be genuine and private.


Sometimes people don’t understand how I see things. Some might even call me crazy. I know, I’ve looked at others before and thought, “That’s a weird way to look at things.” I never understood other people until I discovered personality types. This book will look at the sixteen different ways people think, which causes their behavior. It will show you no one way of processing information is “right.” Maybe you’ll read it and recognize yourself, but if you take a while, that’s okay. It’s a journey of discovery. I hope what I share makes it easier for you to know yourself and those around you.


Carl Jung came up with the sixteen types and the lettering that catalogs them. I’ve studied his theories for over a decade and gathered information from years of research and discussion with individuals who are aware of their type and knowledgeable about their daily thought processes (and able to admit to their strengths and weaknesses). As you read, you will learn how each type thinks. Hopefully, this will make you more understanding of them when you disagree on things. You will think some types are crazy, but remember, no type is the “right” type.


After all, we’re all a little “crazy” in each other’s eyes!


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