Become A Regular Writer


I provide many of the reviews on this website, but I welcome others to submit reviews for my consideration! Please follow the format I have established, of detailing content as well as summarizing the film (not too many spoilers, please!) and whether or not you enjoyed it.


If you would like to become one of our writers, you can contact me at the e-mail address on the back page of Femnista or leave a message on my blog!
We welcome any and all submissions. Because we are a little webzine, we do not offer payment, but you do get your name out there. Our only requirement is that you meet our deadlines (we send you a two-week reminder) and be respectful to the Christian faith. You do not have to share it, but we will not accept anything that "trashes" it.
Our writers range in age from their mid-teens to moms. Your age doesn't matter... what matters is the wisdom and passion you have to share. We are looking for writers who love their topic, who are inventive, creative, and willing to try. Our goal is to celebrate women of all ages, all interests, and all talents, through our publication and our bloggers. That is our mission: simply to encourage you to be you, and to be all you can be.
I cannot wait to hear from you!