Being Human 3 (2010)


Our rating: 2 out of 5

Reviewer: Charity Bishop


Ever since the ghostly Annie (Lenora Crichlow) got sucked through a doorway into the in-between world, the vampire who loves her has been brooding. Michael (Aidan Turner) will do anything to get her back, even if it means hijacking a ride into the afterlife with a dying man’s spirit in the hospital. But once arriving in the great beyond, he is confronted with a long corridor and a series of his own doors, all leading into various incidents in the past he would much rather forget. Meanwhile, back home, he and his room mate and friend George (Russell Tovey) have moved into a new home in Wales, away from the prying eyes and curiosity that assailed them in their previous residence.


It seems that George and his live-in-girlfriend Nina (Sinead Keenan), however, are not the only werewolves in town… pursuing another wolf through the wood lands George in jail just hours before the full moon. But the adventure is not about to end there when he discovers that Nina is hiding a secret from him that could change both their lives forever. But that is not the final surprise in this season, as an old adversary returns from the great beyond to create conflict in their lives, and Michael must contend with a dark secret that threatens his newfound relationship with Anne... and brings an ambitious police detective to his door.


The third season of this BBC series is as stellar as the first and second seasons, but with the same content concerns. Nudity is present in the werewolf transformations and the aftermath (backside, a swift glimpse of transitioning breasts, a prolonged set of scenes in which a naked body is lying face down in the background; a man covers his privates and runs down a hall). Michael and Annie attempt to have a physical relationship but it doesn't work, so she encourages him to bed someone else, hoping that by touching them she can experience a tingling sensation. It goes as far as kissing and undressing in the bedroom before he refuses to go any further out of fear he will kill the girl. Nina and George live together outside of marriage and behave flirtatiously toward one another in the bedroom. Violence ranges from vampires being staked to werewolves biting people. There is occasional foul language, including the f-word and abuses of Jesus’ name; as well as one or two derogatory references to Christianity.


Werewolves, vampires, and ghosts run amuck but the season actually has some solid moments. Sure, there are times when the arc seems a little overly dramatic and the action lags, but these are intensely likable characters and we do care about their welfare. In a sense, this is really Annie's season, because it is the year in which the audience truly begins to love her unquestioningly. There are moments of tears and of laughter -- the episode in which George deals with his father's ghost is particularly good. The season finale is full of angst and tension, with a shock at the end, as well as the revelation of a new villain. I cannot imagine how the writers are going to fix this in season four, which will bring me back for more.