The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season Three (2019) 


The third season of Amazon's successful comedy series takes its aspiring comedian on the road, with a lot of hilarious and sometimes cringe-inducing scenes along the way.


Midge Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) has just gotten her big break -- opening for singing sensation Shy Baldwin. Since she's about to go on tour, she dumps her doctor boyfriend, tries to get the judge to sign her divorce papers, kisses her kids farewell, and hits the road with her manager, Susie Myerson (Alex Borstein). But some crowds are tougher than others, and she founders around trying to find her footing, while being the token "white girl" among Sky's friends.


Back home, her parents' lives have fallen apart when, after losing his job as a professor, her father (Tony Shalhoub) is kicked out of their Manhattan apartment. The college owns it, and now wants it back. Unable to cope with the idea of living in a shoebox, her mother (Marin Hinkle) takes to drinking excessive martinis. Out of desperation, they lodge temporarily with the in-laws... which is a sure-fire recipe for disaster, because not only does Midge's soon-to-be-ex-husband's father dislike wearing pants on certain days of the week, he's not too keen on the beatniks her dad keeps bringing around, either. Then there's the mafia guys Susie owes money to, and the fact that nobody is getting paid that well. Plus, the illegal gamblers squatting in the basement of the new club space Joel (Michael Zegen) just rented...


If you're reading this review, you have probably watched the first two seasons of this series -- and if so, you know the kind of content you are in for: gorgeous costumes, witty dialogue, a heavy dose of profanity, some sexual jokes, and the shameless antics of this lunatic family of "Manhattan Jews." It is funny, it is clever, and it is memorable... and I just wish they'd go lighter on the f-words, since I know a lot of classy people who'd get a kick out of it who won't tolerate the profanity. The acting is top notch. The writing is good, although I have to say that some of the jokes go on too long -- there's only so long you can listen to two people repeating everything each other says without it becoming tedious. Midge's father being an emotionally stinted lunatic just isn't that funny, although his occasional delight over having been accosted in the street for "something he's written" does make me smile. It's over eight hours of general insanity with some genuinely good moments in-between.


Sexual Content
Brief backside nudity in the opening scene (a woman leaves the bed of her finance); side nudity later (a man comes out of the bathroom wearing only a towel, and holding it together at the side); women change clothes in the dressing room (bare backs). A woman finds out a man is gay after she learns the man he brought back to his boat beat him up; later veiled references to this. Lots of sexual jokes (the size of a man's anatomy, having sex, etc). A woman carries around a large box of tampons as payment for doing a radio spot. A man calls up a woman to tell her that he's angry about two people having loud, screaming sex in the background (we listen to them).
Hundreds of f-words. Jesus' name is abused a half dozen times. GD is infrequent but used. Lots of uses of s**t. References to "balls," "d**ks," a**, etc.
None worth mentioning; a handful of scuffles.


One joke includes a man having drowned his cat in the Hudson river.

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